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Twenty-five county footballers this weekend, and immediately three county championship flags are on display. This is the second in a series that looks back at the top 10 baseball teams and the first since Canton ousted Sullivan County for the state title last year with a 7-6 victory over the Blue Devils.

There is no shortage of recreational opportunities, and Clinton County offers a wide range of activities to the West. In the surrounding area there is a wide range of sports and leisure activities, from golf to tennis and golf courses. The region is home to well-known canoe and kayak races nationwide and a number of outdoor events, including the New York City Marathon, Pennsylvania State Fair and Penn State Marathon.

Professional interests can be met by participating in a variety of activities such as group performances, yoga classes and other outdoor activities. You can also drive to Togo or stay at one of the many hotels in the area, as well as the Clinton County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Located in the Little League International Complex, this 10,000-square-foot museum houses the world's largest collection of small baseball memorabilia. The museum receives about 26,000 visitors each year from all over the United States, Canada and other countries. If you are interested in baseball, baseball history or playing in a minor league, this is a fantastic place to visit. This is a great opportunity to see the World Cup of the minor leagues.

In August, the Little League World Series will transform a concrete hall into a cosmopolitan central Pennsylvania town with concrete courses for 10 days.

We live here actively, and the winter weather does not require hibernation, so we call it nature. The area offers breathtaking views of the Allegheny River and its Susquehanna River tributary, as well as the Pennsylvania River.

The Grand Slam Parade is held in downtown Williamsport and is one of the most popular sporting events in Pennsylvania and the nation. Players from all 16 teams will take to floats, march down Main Street, drive along Susquehanna St. and Fourth St., and land on Market Street in the late afternoon or early evening.

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona described the atmosphere years ago as "Keener, a county fair hit baseball. Only once before had Little League ever seriously considered hosting a World Series in Williamsport when Hurricane Agnes struck the Mid-Atlantic states in 1972. Instead, the silence was met with a rousing chorus of laughter and they cancelled their international tournament.

Now, many schools in the Wyoming Valley Conference have changed their attendance plans for Friday's games, in one case sticking to them.

John D'Amico, WVU's public relations and public affairs director, said by telephone last week: "We're normally 100% booked for the World Series, but this year we weren't. We've been on the road since summer, so we're not too worried about the weather and all that.

In the weeks leading up to the opening day of the Little League World Series in Williamsport, I had forgotten that it would be the opening day. Keener did what he does: He woke up in the morning, which felt like every day in Williamsport, because unlike the annual Grand Slam parade, the afternoon would have been Little League Solstice. He went to work at Julies Coffee, a small cafe on the corner of Main and Main Streets. A middle-aged man, his wife and two children stepped into Julie's coffee on a Saturday morning as the 16 teams gathered for the Grand Slam parade.

We knew for a few months that there would be no World Series, but the museum had been closed since March, when most of the country was closed.

Did that affect your team's preparation for the World Series in New York and Penn League? Our team is working with the NewYork-Penn League to get as much out of the park as possible so that we can make the final preparations.

Tunkhannock did not respond to an email seeking more information about how the district will handle its sale of senior afternoons. Williamsport is following the guidance of more than 250 people and will provide tickets to its footballers and cheerleaders. McGovern said there will be 200 tickets at the counter and the venue will be allowed to host the senior night, but not on its home pitch.

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